Who Are We:

Fajer Homes is leading Real Estate agency focused on Miami and some Florida key areas and opportunities. With record sales and property buying in Brickell, bay front, Miami Beach and Doral, as well as multimillionaire project in Daytona, Fajer Homes, lead by Loreley Fajer faces property and real estate market differently by been connected to all major sources and listings local and nationwide, thus acquiring true knowledge on market value and opportunities as they arises. At Fajer Homes technology savvy efforts are the best tool to properly guide our clients to the best deal in the shortest time and less effort.

Why are we different:

Our process begins with assembling data and gaining knowledge upon your requests and needs as client, which ends with the success of every transaction we handle on behalf of our customers. We build trust upon results, friendship is the result of years of work and returning clients are always returning friends.

Our Mission:

Our company started with a question: How do we take, before anybody else opportunities in Miami real estate that would actually be meaningful to our clients’ interests?

We answered with balance formula far from the shark approach, we are fierce (make no mistake) but we rather use market hints and insights on our favor, we rather transform the business so both sides can quickly be happy by meeting marked and settled goals. We intermediate with value arguments and proven stats that we are ahead of the market 99% of time and our clients appreciate that.

What We Do:

buy and sell real state in Miami key areas as Brickell, Miami Beach, Miami bay side, Midtown, Design District, Downtown Miami and Doral. We specialize in optimizing terrain sales for development areas and marketing purposes, then creating unprecedented value for our clients.

At Fajer Homes, we are looking to create and shape the future of Real Estate management at an always affordable level for our clients, we satisfaction meets quality and commitment is the key to transform every quest into a done deal.